Rule # 11 – The mediocrity rule

In life, as with all things; a person must KNOW what they want and not settle for anything less.

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You tell me….

The application of an electromagnetically induced gravimetric algorithm inherent in a possible extra-dimensional quantum realm to 3-D space time resulting in the redistribution of quantum three-dimensional space/TIME (Einsteinian Space) that affects the manifestations of the 3-D concepts of movement, distance and velocity.

An algorithm that uses three-dimensional physical values to produce an extra-dimensional condition in 3-D space/time that modifies the properties of 3-D physical space and therefore redefines movement.

In 3-D space/time, movement is characterized by the change in the plotted coordinates of the location of a physical object in 3-d space (h/w/d) at two separate points in time where the difference in the coordinates represent a linear distance in 3-D space.

To a human being the value or worth of everything is related to its efficiency (a change in physical values that is considered useful and convenient to humans). In the case of the 3-D values of movement related to distance, the measurement of efficiency is defined as a function that can be measured in TIME.

By combining an electromagnetism and gravity to form an applied algorithm resulting in the manifestation of an extra dimensional value that can co-exists with 3-dimensional values and redistributes the conditions of space and time in quantum 3-D space, the manifestation of linear movement in the quantum realm is proportionately altered by re-definining distance which in turn increases the efficiency of the movement between two points in 3-d space/time by reducing or eliminating the time it takes to move a physical object between two points in 3-D space.

E.g. By combining a 3-d electromagnetic wave above 4000k mhz with induced gravimetric force in the same sequence that occurs during the supernova stage in the dynamic energy cycle of a star; focused in a specific area of space a quantum reaction equal to the massive transmutation of the thermal energy to gravimetric energy that occurs in a supernova; the force and angular momentum of the contained energy transmutation transcend the condition of TIME that exists in 3-d space by redistributing the matter and mass specific to a 3-D area so that does not contemplate distance and as such reduces or eliminates the effect and limitation of time to the linear movement of a physical object in 3-D quantum space. Essentially, the physical object doesn’t move by definition, instead the mass and matter of the space between where the physical object is and where it wants to be is rearranged so that it does not physically exist during the effect of the induced force, this being the equivalent of instantaneous movement between extreme distances in 3-d space.

Frank Vidal


Oct 23, 2016

For my daughter Maya. Happy Birthday.

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Okay, agreed. This blog will be the landing site. At a rate of 1% per cycle, it should take 3 months to achieve a minimun of momentum.

A different kind of math

So this is definitely new and unseen here where the math lives, however it makes sense. This is where the math lives and the math must move with me.  I need to move, and the needs of the math, become the needs of the mathematician so is a sound calculation.  Nobody can afford to move and I’m just one of us, so that applies to this situation.  So where’s the difference that worthy of “Sharing the Math”?

First:  I won’t buy any money.  That would make every single thing I’ve written garbage and me a hypocrite.  Like with anything that once does, the real question is “ How much money does moving require of me?

Money can’t think of have an opinion, so it requires none. I would have to answer that question.  I’m terrible with money, I’m too basic and don’t quantify money in accordance with the needs of the move.  I have no idea.

I had a great idea a few minutes ago.  YOU can decide for me.  I trust you. I also know that a number of you would gladly jump on the moving truck and make it a team effort, except that all of you are spread out over the world.  It would months and loads of work just to coordinate, so let’s boil it down to money, but under your control.   I set up an account for moving and linked it to PayPal.  This way, those of you who wish to participate can click the donate button and anonymously and pitch in with what you can or what you feel like giving to the cause.  There’s no minimum amount or any such a ridiculously disguised business ruse.  Whatever you can or want.  It will accept from the pennies to the dollars. So there’s the math for the move.  I’ll provide a full reckoning and accounting in a post and share what you guys contributing and I’ll cap it at $1,000.00 -don’t need more than that to me.  That is what one does.  It’s well thought out and it’s genuine.

Thank you all.  I love each and every one of you.

You see?  We can do better.
click on the link button below to pitch in thank you!




My new doorbell

I’ve always wanted to do this.  



Last night I saw and heard fireworks.  I could see the bursting display over the skyline of Ft. Lauderdale.  Surely the show had to be in celebration of International Anti-Fascist Day!



June 25

Tomorrow; June 25; is the International Day of the Seafarer, according to the UN, so I would like to wish Popeye a wonderful day, I guess.



Knowledge vs information

Today is National Anti-Fascist Struggle Day. Can anyone explain exactly what fascism is?