The solution to the global economic crisis.

I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about.  The entire world feels like it’s on the verge of a mass nervous breakdown over this “global economic crisis”.  So severe is this crisis that those few who actually know how bad it is will never divulge as much – and I am not one of those few; which may result my being asked how I can quantify “it” in any way.  The answer to all of these questions is actually very simple:  There is no financial “crisis” or a global “recession” or anything even remotely resembling the significant “slowing down” of the planet’s economy. According to the very authorities who define everything financial or economic; such as the IMF, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the rest of the endless list of “entities in charge” of everything related to monney; the present financial position of the human race stands as follows, using the basic, standardized, universal and official format called A BALANCE SHEET (expressed in US Dollars “US$”, as required, given that the official reserve currency of the world is the U.S. Dollar, as per the Breton-Woods Agreement, which is still being honored by recognizing gold as the official currency of the world):

Balance sheet for Homo-Sapiens as of October 10, 2011

Fiscal year-end:  December 31, 2011

Total Assets:               US$32 Trillion

Total Liabilities:         US$84 Trillion


Total Assets and

Liabilities:                  -US$52 Trillion

(The figures may not be exact, but they are close enough to be verifiable by any person through any number of official sources.)

As can be seen by our balance sheet, we have no economic crisis or recession; whenever ones’ liabilities are greater than one’s assets, especially to the degree seen in our collective balance sheet, it is called INSOLVENCY.  It’s in the dictionary, you can look it up.  It’s actually pretty clear; I don’t know how every “expert” in the world missed it.  On an individual basis, if any one person should become insolvent, the pestilence that is rained upon them is truly harsh, to the point where they must file for bankruptcy, after all; isn’t not being able to pay one’s bills one of the most despicable and shameful of all social positions? This is why it’s called “insolvency” – without a solution.  These days, most people are forced to deal with coercive threats and more if they are 3 days in paying a credit card statement and yet the entire human race is clearly and indisputably insolvent, and no one noticed?  I don’t know, but doesn’t that seem a little odd?  That’s beside the point, however; I don’t want to lose my place, where were we?  Oh yes, the inhabitants of Planet Earth are summarily and collectively insolvent; a fact which needs no further supporting evidence.  As such, what is required is that bankruptcy be filed, humanity’s existing assets and cash flow would probably be placed in receivership and eventually the court will discharge the debt by virtue of liquidation of assets, or something of the sort, right?  Those are the RULES; right?  That’s what any of us would be required to do individually, RIGHT?  If it applies to any person individually, then it must also apply to all of us collectively, given the same circumstances, RIGHT???

Here are the problems with this situation:

  1. Which court has jurisdiction over the entire human race?
  2. Assuming an answer for #1, to which address should all legal paperwork be sent?
  3. Who (and this is most important) speaks for all of us?  ALL of us; because it is all of us together who are bankrupt and insolvent.  Those few who may still think they “have a few bucks” can’t weasel their way out of being human, so it’s ALL of us, just look at the numbers.  Who could, or can, speak for all of us, should this impossible hearing ever take place?  That’s simple: All of us did not make, or even participate in the decisions as to the handling our global economy that resulted in insolvency.  It was only some of us who did so.  The fact that they didn’t get permission from all of us is irrelevant at this point; we believe the figures as written, therefore we are insolvent.  It would seem logical that it should be those same few who put all of us in this position who should stand up for the rest of us in this case – they did when they screwed up our books.  Wouldn’t you say?

Okay, I think that’s enough.  None of these things are actually going to happen.  All of us don’t even know who those few who put us all in this position are, or were.  It’s ridiculous to consider that the “human race” could file for bankruptcy, yet this doesn’t change the fact that we are bankrupt and insolvent.  We can’t play by some of the rules and ignore the rest when it’s convenient.  If humanity can’t file bankruptcy, then it can’t be insolvent either; why? Because we INVENTED both of those concepts, yet we believe them to be real and true individual “things” with their own will and presence.

What is truly comical to the point of being Machiavellian is how we have known this all along.  Of course we have, just look in the dictionary.  Look up the word “insolvent”.  The entire definition deals with money and bankruptcy.  From a linguistic point of view, however, the word insolvent is composed of two component morphemes; the prefix in-, which means NOT, and the word solvent, which of course, means everything that’s listed under the word insolvency, except for that one little detail that jumps out at you if you actually look up the word solvent: It also means “having the power to solve”.  Of course, that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Then why doesn’t the definition for insolvent include “The inability to solve?”  Maybe because when it comes to solving this mess, we are unable to.  Shit, we can’t even solve the right definition.   The entire financial crisis, wealth, value, currency, money and everything else isn’t even real, we just think it is which makes it real to all of us.  In the end, what this all means is that we are actually trying to run an insolvent civilization on a bankrupt planet and that somehow a solution will be found for making something out of nothing?  Look at it this way; each day that we continue to live believing this enormous pile of shit that came out of us is like driving a car with 4 flat tires; fast and a long way.  You know what happens eventually, right?

Okay, just don’t say I didn’t speak up.

We can do better.

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