Let’s be serious…just for a moment

Seriously now, it’s already hard enough having to sit and watch us bullshit ourselves to the point of idiocy, but I just finished a tag surfing session and in addition to the usual endless droning about GOLD this and GOLD that, I just saw (for the first time) an article regarding a country that was “repatriating” its gold from the vaults in London and New York where the countries of the world have kept their gold since WWII.  The article stated that the decision to repatriate the gold had been made by the leader of the country “in view of the volatile nature of the world’s economy’.  That was just a bit much.  Up until now, the math more or less indicated that everyone knows that the whole GOLD thing is bullshit, but all of a sudden I’m not sure if I should doubt that math.  Is it possible that people actually BELIEVE this shit and are not just playing along because that’s what we think we must do?  I don’t know, but it’s scary.  Scary enough to motivate me to post this message:

Just in case anyone actually believes that GOLD has any actual value that makes it immune to anything that might happen to the economy or to human civilization, it should be noted that GOLD is actually worthless.  It is a fairly unremarkable metal that we selected to use as the stuff that we would manufacture MONEY from back when we decided that WEALTH (which has always been FOOD) should have a standardized measure of exchange to facilitate commerce.  We picked GOLD to be the “material” used to manufacture money because it was PLIABLE and we could shape it into coins more easily than other metals. In other words, GOLD became the manufacturing material for money because it was SOFT, period.  That’s about all there is to GOLD, the rest we made up and believed.  In summary; if the U.S., European or global economy should collapse (they actually already have, but I won’t go against the “grain”, I’ll play like it hasn’t happened yet) then what in the world is that country I mentioned earlier going to do with all of their repatriated GOLD?  It’s time for everyone to begin to digest the truth because it is the truth, regardless of how we feel or what we believe and the truth is that there IS no more money.  We spent all the money that there was, that there is and that there will be in the next 500 years and there is nothing left to substantiate any math that supports the concept of money.  The machinery that moves civilization is running today (albeit poorly) only because we BELIEVE that those little pieces of paper and GOLD are actually worth something, but this hallucination is quickly fading and sooner than we can imagine, MOST of us will have no choice but to face this truth and deal with it.  So I ask you:  when the MACHINERY that runs the “world”; the one that runs on “money” finally peters out and shuts down, ending commerce and production globally, what can anyone do with GOLD?  With no infrastructure in place, there will be no system in place to grow and distribute FOOD OR WATER and in 3 months there will be mayhem.  What good will 10 or 11 billion dollars worth of GOLD do when everyone is STARVING?  Who in their right mind would trade a can of beans that they found in the back of some forgotten cabinet somewhere for a mountain of GOLD at that point?  You can’t EAT the stuff!  It’s a freaking METAL, no different than tin, bronze or iron and no more or less valuable than whatever WE decide.  It was hard for me to digest, but I did.  This means that you can too, because we’re all the same.  I know that it’s hard to let go of the world as we know it, but WE BROKE IT and we need to build a new one, so we need to grow up, quickly, or in the simplest of terms, we’re fucked.  YOU know this, I know this and we ALL know this.  I refuse to believe that we are all idiots, but we are dangerously close to proving that to be true – and that applies to me as well, if we end up screwing ourselves because of idiocy, then that makes me an idiot too.  I don’t want to be an idiot.

We CAN do better.

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4 thoughts on “Let’s be serious…just for a moment

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  2. Maggie L R says:

    Do we have to go back to trading beads and furs for a bag of flour? I cannot see money ever going away, While the amount a dollar can buy is rising, it still has to be backed by something. We have seen the havoc caused by countries printing more money than they can back with gold.
    I am not an economist or an expert of the world systems, but I think USA and Europe are suffering more than other countries because of greed, and too few regulations, not the value of gold. “Freedom” will enslave you if it is not controlled. We need to learn to live in smaller houses and get by with less toys. There are still some countries where the economy is not so far gone, because the government and the banks are regulated properly. for example, Canada.

    • ctwfrank says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for your comment! I agree with you completely! We do not have to be back to what many are called a state of “primitivism”, besides, I don’t think I look good at all in a loincloth and I like my air conditioning too much! LOL Money doesn’t have to go away; it is a concept and a social mechanism that we are very used to, we just “broke” the rules that we ourselves established for the money that we use now, which is not “money” by our own definition. We have also become much too addicted to excess which spawns greed and better judgment at the individual level wouldn’t hurt! The value of gold, however, is of extreme importance because it is what the human concept of “value” is based on and this ties right into the much needed regulation that you mention; once again, you hit the nail on the head. We just have to accept that we will need to regulate a “different” kind of money based on a different value system because we broke this one; the wealth of the world is now measured in DEBT which doesn’t exist – the banks made it up On that note, I think you might enjoy what I posted last night, which is the follow up to the post you’re commenting on. We are on the same exact page! Thank you!

  3. Darvin says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so indsipensalbe.

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