The changing world

The world that we have created for ourselves has changed so much and continues to change, at an ever increasing pace.   Well, it’s not really the World that is the Earth, it’s actually the set of rules that we created and that we live by – I guess it’s like a “world” of its own; that’s the world I’m talking about.   Everything is changing so fast and to such extremes, that sometimes it taxes the human ability referred to as adaptability; one of the things that distinguishes us from every other type of life. It only taxes it, however; we still adapt; better and faster than any other living creature that we know of.  The reason we’re so good at it is because adaptability is, in great part, based on forgetting, something that we are also very good at.  It takes a minute or two to think about it, but we adapt quickly and better than any other living thing because we forget so well; the speed at which we forget determines how easily and well we will accept change.  It is a curious thing:  if you sit down and force yourself to remember how it used to be, even a mere ten years ago:  it was another world, wasn’t it? Think about it and remember.  Do you remember what it was like back then?  Do you remember what it was like in the world, before? People had more than they needed; we had no idea what was precious and what wasn’t.  We threw away things that people would kill for now. There are so many things that today are common, well known and part of our daily lives; yet as little as ten years ago the same things would have been considered impossible or inconceivable. How did all of this happen, and so quickly?  Do you want to know?  Let me share something with you.

Look at the preceding paragraph for a moment.  Read it again.  It is true and accurate, isn’t it? There’s no wordplay or linguistic trickery in that paragraph designed to make you believe it.  Everyone, including you and I; who reads it arrives at the same conclusion: that it is a fairly accurate depiction of life today.  I’m going to repeat a segment of the preceding paragraph below; you can locate it in the above if you like and put it in context with the rest of the paragraph, afterwards, look at it again below.

Do you remember what it was like in the world before? People had more than they needed; we had no idea what was precious and what wasn’t.  We threw away things that people would kill for now.

Those sentences are actually lines from a movie script, spoken by the inimitable actor Denzel Washington in his role as Eli in the 2010 movie The Book of Eli.  If you haven’t seen it, then it doesn’t hit you like it does if you had, but it is sill impacting enough. Still, you should see it, it’s probably the closest thing to a true future story that any one of us will ever see.  This scene is exactly 41 minutes and 38 seconds into the movie. Eli is answering a young woman’s question; the same question posed in first paragraph.  Oh yes, one more thing:  the movie is a post-apocalyptic work of science-fiction.  It’s a wonderfully entertaining movie, nonetheless it is science fiction and yet I took lines of dialogue from the script of that movie and put them right in the middle of a paragraph where I am describing today’s reality and it fits, perfectly.

So you see that’s how all of this happened – we’ve actually become a science fiction movie: a science fiction movie.

Does anybody get it yet?  None of this is real, we just believe it is.  We don’t have to go through any of this, we don’t have to believe any of this; we can choose something else to do and believe in; something less painful and destructive.

We must wake up and choose what we want and stop believing that things that we created can choose for us, please.  This is killing us; all of us.


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One thought on “The changing world

  1. I have often likened our world to Science Fiction and it seems to be getting crazier everyday. Perhaps if we can change our thinking and thus change our reality, we can change it for a better, happier story for all. Great post… made me think, thanks.

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