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Higher Education

“Energy is a quantity.”

Figure that out and you’ll get a doctorate degree.

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Where did all the money go?

It looks like everyone is really feeling it now.

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Understanding is the human mechanism that transforms information into knowledge.

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A metaphorical message (wink)

I just realized that I’m the only person that I know (and I know enough people to be able to do the math on this), who has not stopped paying their monthly housing payment since money and wealth died some six years ago.    In fact, once the math was done, it is astounding to see how people continue to live in the same house since it began even though they stopped making their monthly housing payment at the point when it hit them.  There’s no official count (nor would I expect there to be) but the math says is somewhere between “a lot” and “most”.

Given that the economic problem, specifically the fact that we are all broke (because there is no money left), has affected everyone equally, I still can’t help but to feel like I missed something, even though I know that I didn’t.  I think we all feel like that, in one way or another.

I wonder if any of them actually think they can bully their way out of this one, or even if they know that the wall behind which they have always hidden has been transparent for some time now.


We can do better.

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Where did all the money go? – (preview)

A small excerpt of the Introduction of the book “Where did all the money go?

For just a moment, consider the board game called Monopoly.  If it isn’t the most popular board game in the world it’s not far away and because of that, virtually everyone knows what the game is or has played it.  Now, try and remember any of the times that you played Monopoly; if you have never played Monopoly, and then try to visualize this.  Do you remember when the game became, a game?  Well after everyone has been around the board at least 3 times and two of you have a matched set of properties.  That’s when the game got intense.  That’s also when it started to get a little boring:  everyone had some money and some properties and a get out of jail free card.  It went from being intense to being “live and let live” and then… remember how all of a sudden you started making up new rules?  One of you would grant “immunity”, partnerships were formed, joint ventures founded, promises were made and broken and when that wasn’t enough, someone would take half of the orange-is $500 bills and say:  “Okay, these are now $5000.00 bills.”  Then it might be $10,000.00 bills.  Sometimes, you might just take the play money from someone else’s Monopoly and mix it with yours and if all else failed, you could cut little squares of paper and make more money.

Do you remember?

When we “grew up”, we pretty much did the same thing, but with “real” money and properties.  Whatever there was simply wasn’t enough, and suddenly it’s now and the very rules that keep our fragile civilization together have fractured and crumbled into dust, before our very eyes.   The straightforward and simple answer to the question asked by the title is that “money” didn’t go anywhere.  There simply isn’t any money, period.  We spent all the money that there was, is and will be for the next 500 years.  There hasn’t been any actual “money” by definition for over 35 years now.  We may call what we use as currency these days “money”, but it’s most definitely not money, it’s an aberration created by us which attempts to change and manipulate the rules of value and the laws of physics and which results in a self-defeating calculation with a systemic defect – kind of like what would happen if we“made” a bunch of additional $500 monopoly bills out of paper and crayons: and inserted them into circulation, immdiately folowed by believing any of it was real.

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Behold; man…again!

The dominant life form on Earth, the top of the food chain; capable of so much.  Here are some more things that only a human being is capable of:
  1. Selling bottled water by charging money for it.
  2. Buying bottled water by paying money for it.
  3. Looking at the label on the bottle after giving someone money for the water in the bottle and then going back to the person they bought it from and demand proof and evidence that the water in the bottle is actually wet, otherwise they deserve a refund.
  4. Actually getting a refund because the vendor could not provide the requested proof.
  5. Going next door and buying a bottle of water there instead, because the cashier has a kind face.
 We can do better
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(Preamble: I’m still here!)

“Behold:  man.  Poor, foolish creature.  We humans are the only living organism (that we know of), able to gather up all of the information in the world and put it in a box.  Then, after finishing, we sat in front of the box and looked at it – and got information confused with knowledge.  On a planet where ignorance has been the status quo, such a thing could happen.  So now, instead of a planet populated with uneducated poor people serving the handful who got a clue first, we are a planet of idiots with boxes full of information who think that this makes them educated and knowledgeable. I am a human, these are my people.  Humanity has come full circle, from being jesters to graduating as full-fledged clowns.”

 We can do better.

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