Where did all the money go?

It looks like everyone is really feeling it now.

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3 thoughts on “Where did all the money go?

  1. 186kmps says:

    Here are few places –

    Letters from Warren E. Buffett regarding pledges to make gifts of Berkshire stock –

    Physicians and patients share $200 million in UHC settlement –
    Twelve years after the original AMA v. United Health Group (UHG) litigation was filed, and three years after the class-action settlement was announced, physicians and patients can expect to see checks in the mail soon, representing their part of the $350 million settlement. Of which the attorneys will receive $91 million in fees and $1.5 million reimbursement for costs, the agency that is processing claims and mailing checks, will get about $14 million. An additional $8.5 million went toward the cost of the initial settlement notices. $35 million will go to unidentified sources leaving about $200 million to be split up between several thousand physicians and who knows how many patients. Can you imagine how much did UHG accumulated up to the date when the litigation was filed and over the past 12 years while the litigation was going on?

    HYIP – High-yield investment programs –
    As “they” say you can only be invited to participate in such programs!

    20 Of the craziest things that the U.S. Government is spending money on –

    7 Ways the U.S. Government Wastes Money –

    Here’s a reality check –
    If all the printed money in the world is in circulation and people receive money at their business, are being paid for work they perform, or claiming benefits; the same people eat, drive cars, shop for clothing, home goods, gifts, booze, etc. so how is the world debt increasing, who do we owe all this money to, other than to each other?
    The same goes for a simple example of the increasing price of crude oil – the oil well pump is still pumping the same amount of oil it did years ago, the same oil is transported through the same pipelines, then it is transported on the same ships all over the world and on the same trucks to the same gas stations to the same pumps to fuel the same cars, then why is it going up and up and up?
    Have you looked around? Did you notice how many people are at the malls shopping? How many high price gas consuming cars on the road? How many people are eating out? How many night clubs are filled in the middle of the week? How many Insurance companies are closing after collecting years and years of premiums?
    The 2011 Art Basel in Miami Beach sold more art then all the money and gold in the entire state of Florida!

    There comes a point at which the external resources we’ve come to rely on are suddenly ineffectual and the only place to turn is inward, to ourselves, we can surely do allot better…

  2. 186kmps says:

    Please watch the Indianapolis TV … Channel 13, WTHR newscast video and please stay calm…



    Yes, it is up to us and yes, we can do better…

  3. 186kmps says:

    If you are still wondering to where did all the money go ? Take a look at what “We The People” are doing – we just gave away over 1 BILLION DOLLARS to our elected candidates to run for President in the next 4 years!
    See for yourself: http://elections.nytimes.com/2012/campaign-finance
    As of the 1st week of September 2012 the amount exceeded 1.3 BILLION DOLLARS.
    We must be crazy people and I pray that we can do better !!!

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