2012 has been all about change, of that there’s no doubt,

But what are these changes really about?

A good place to start is with how everything works;

And the fact that nothing does, impales like a dirk.

Inaction and fear are the dominant forces,

That invade our hearts and the blood that it courses.

But the most impacting thing that I’ve seen – now or ever

Is so huge that nothing compares; whatsoever.

The fact is, and many of you may have already reckoned.

That it hasn’t felt like Christmas, not for even one second.

Look into your heart, and you know this is true,

So the question remains:  what are we doing to do?

Whatever we do, we should not act as a bettor,

We must simply remember that we can do better.

 ……in 2013.

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  1. I can honestly say and without any reservation that 2012 was the worst year personally for me in my 43 years on this Earth–I can also say that looking back it will probably be one of the best. I have changed and grown immensely and I will never be the same.
    It hurts to grow and improve.
    I am looking forward to 2013, 13 is my lucky number and really, it has to get better…right?

    • ctwfrank says:

      Hi Strawberry (I hope you don’t mind me shortening your name for a nickname, it’s more familiar and you are family to me)

      As usual you are not only right on target, you are wise and observant. All of us on Earth have had no choice but to grow in 2012, or perish by being obsolete. Everything already has changed, we are all giving these changes their final touches by our actions, whether we realize it or not. Many times it does hurt to grow and improve, but the good news is that it does have to. How? Simple – as you said in your last sentence; it has to get better, and it will, because you exist and your humanity and love is very powerful. It does better for many! I’m proud and honored to know you Strawberry, you are the living personification of a blessing!

      Happy New Year and a great 2013!

      • Hi Frank: Call me Strawberry, I like it! I truly appreciate your kind and thoughtful words. I can tell you have a warm heart and tender soul as well as a thoughtful and penetrating mind.
        Happy 2013 to you as well…BTW you can also call me Nancy which is my real name.

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