Any place is the best place to start something you are actually going to do

Dealing with the Paradox of a New World

I’m still writing what I hoped would be the first post, but it don’t look that way any more! This is not what I would have chosen or preferred, by a long shot, as the opening post of this new chapter, but there is something that must be said right now and nobody (you know who you are) are saying anything about it and it is unacceptable to be caugh off guard by something like this in 2015, so it looks like I’m the one who will say it:

It smells, very strongly, of WAR, folks. This was always a possibility on the list of possible actions that might be taken when the crushing weight of the our crumbling infrastructure becomes too visible to be hidden – and it is.  I had hoped and worked as hard as I could to do anything, inspire anyone or by any means try…

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