September 3, 2016

Good Morning! 

Today is my 55th birthday. I’ve been waiting a long time for this particular one.  My 55th year is when I have the opportunity to realize the possibilty of inspiring enough of us that we change the world, together.  I am only one of “us” and it is WE who are the identity of humanity. I love Socrates, but his math was incorrect; “I think, therefore I am” is not the validation of a human being, it is “WE think together and by doing so,we become more.”  That is our strength, we are a genetic collective.  If we are ready, then I volunteer to be one start it off. I donate this birthday to all of us, because without us it’s just a day.  Let’s celebrate it together an allow all of us to feel the connection that we share, but haven’t used.  Today, wherever you may be in the world, take one moment at 4;00 pm EST in the usa and wish us all a happy birthday. You dont have to write anything or post anything, you just have to MEAN it.  If enough of us do, we will all ne able to feel the energy of that particular consensus. and the instant we do, we change the world and become more than we were, we become US.  We are all we have.

We can do better, I have faith in us. 

Happy Birthday!


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