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1 of 2 of one of a kind.

(For the long and loyal; here’s a hint:) The title of this post was written using the “wordplay algorithm”.)

In 2009, when the inspiration,  the structure and the purpose for Sharing the Math became clear to me; I suspected that, if I stayed true; the blog would evolve from being an effective tool to communicate, to that of an an actual and active mechanism in the human civilization dynamic.  That day is today; so with further ado or fanfare, this is the first HUMAN WILL ALERT (HA-001) 

Effective immediately:  13JULY 2018, the following recommendation and alert are made regarding personal computers, cell phones, and all communications-enabled hardware that can capture, store and/or forwarded images in any way.

Unless you are in the physical process of filming something, or taking a picture, or any other function that falls into this category, every human being should do the following:

1. Locate, identify and learn how use the mechanism that TURNS OFF THE CAMERA, as well to Turn the camera on.

2. No device as described here should be left on when idle.  Without exception.


The math establishes that this is an easily observable fact requiring no judgment to validate.  If a device CAN produce a video recording of anyone or anything in total secrecy and without the consent any anyone involved;  IT IS.

4. Status in the real day-to-day life:  This advisory is issued for a simple reason that is both universally known and universally ignored:  Transmission- enabled Cameras that are, in-fact, installed on all the devices used by all of us, can record REMOTELY within its lens perimeter by the will of someone other than the owner of the device, and if it CAN due this, it is.   A lot.  This action can’t be classified or labeled and ‘bad’ or ‘evil’ or ‘illegal’ because nobody thinks about this.  There is no one to accuse of anything accusatory, we ignore the fact.  Further explanation is nu-necessary in this regard.  It is not the function or the purpose of this blog to explain anyone’s choices, that is a matter of free will.   The function of this blog IS to communicate with the objective of educating, so now we all know what is possible – and given our own track record; in one or more corners of our world, this is a rule.

APPLICATION:  If it has a camera and you are not taking someone picture or video recording (with consent); there is a 96% probability that SOMEONE ELSE IS.  it doesn’t matter who does this or why, the statistical reality of this is mind-numbing an extremely dangerous.  Common sense and humanity provide the ground rules for this behavior.  There is no need, repeat THERE IS NO NEED for an investigation, or a study or any other action.  Any action would exacerbate this nightmare.

SO what do we do? 

1. If it has a camera, make sure it’s OFF until you take the picture.

2. Resist the powerful urge to be a detective and “get some answers”. No question has be asked, therefore choosing this option results only in gossip, moral indignation and the things that follow moral indignation.

We can do this, if we want to.

End of advisory…….