Some data about me…

I am no one of any significance in any category that most people would consider important.  If I absolutely had to give a traditional reference; I am a scientist.   I fix things, full time – and I have a part-time job explaining things.    I know that this isn’t what you would expect to read in the “about me” section, so here is some raw data:  My name is Frank.  In 1974, I realized I was happy, and that was when the math was born for me, because when a person is happy, they can do math. (Everything is pretty much math.)   It’s a bit wordier than that, but it sums it up nicely.      I live a wonderful and adventurous life, yet it pales next to what is possible if we tapped into the genetic collective that we are and stop believing that we a separate, autonomous beings.  We are all we have and we can choose to do better together, we can choose to do anything we want together.  Our genetic collective is what we use to define ‘reality’ (because it is us who define and give form to ‘reality’) by means of a dynamic mechanism called consensus; a fancy word that simply put, means: “the sum total of our opinions and choices that more than half of us agree on.”  We are capable of so much and yet do so little because we have to choose what we want, together and for some reason, it terrifies us.  There’s nothing more important to me, or about me, than to simply be one of us.  I have so much to share with you and learn from you and I love each and every single one of us

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