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Sept 2, 2016

Good morning!

Today is Sept 2 and as is the case with every other Sep 2, on the day before my birthday, I ponder whether or not I’m interested in another year of being me. It’s a mad scientist thing, but with a purpose. I refuse to merely exist or survive, I want to be and feel ALIVE every day. 

Some years its a challenge, this year required no pondering at all or making any choice at all. For the first time in my life, WE made that choice, others participated in a very personal decision that turns out to not be so personal. It doesn’t matter what I want for ME, when another person(s) wants you to be here now, and it’s genuine, it changes the whole world, and allows for the genetic collective to kick in. Nothing compares to that feeling. 

Today for the first time in my life, I’m proud to be a human being, because I understand that without US, I am just an incomplete life form. I love each and every one of us, all 7,546,112,338 of us. (As of 6:43 am EST.)


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