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Everything has a beginning…and an end.

In spite of being a so-called Activist and the author of a blog about navigating the collapse of the last civilization; I’m not a radical.  Today my heart is heavy and I wept genuine tears of sorrow, for today; January 20, 2017, with the simple uttering of a few words, we witnessed the death of the United States of America and the dream that was America.  I have to take back all the times I gave the “why I’m not a patriot” anecdote when I spoke, and while I maintain my philosophical and linguistic views on words like that, I also have to acknowledge that even though I don’t believe in countries, I love my country; we were the last, best hope for something besides despotism.  All of that died today, together with the dream that was America and with it, a piece of my heart.

I just ripped open my chest and shared my heart.  It is what we humans do, and through the sadness and despair and hopelessness that is strangling us all, I share my feelings and fears with all of you to let them go and not forget that this is our planet and that we are all we have.  I will not fear and I will not succumb to violence and aggression.  I will be right here, working without rest towards the same goal; to make a choice as a people.  I haven’t failed at the task, the conditions have changed, that’s all.  We could have made the choice, and now we have no choice, but the fact remains:  WE CAN DO BETTER.

I love each and every one of us that share this world.  We are all we have.

ctwfrank – in memoriam of the United States of America.



Quote of the day

“Woops, I did it again! 

Britney Spears

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A function of the process – revisited

There are memories, concepts and ideas that should never be revisited and there are those that should.  This one most definitely should. (remember; I wrote this in 2010).




 It is still very fresh:  the memory of the illusion that was.  Many, in fact, have yet to loose themselves from its grasp.  Change has never occurred easily to us, especially when it is imposed as fiercely as it is now.   We rarely invite change voluntarily, even though we all know that it is both inevitable and necessary, but this; this verges on insanity.

Here is where we are now, today.  We are a planet of addicts; prisoners of the mind, not the body.  We do the unthinkable and the illogical in order to obtain a dose of that which ails us; wealth.  Wealth: the accumulation, in excess far beyond any need, of valuables, particularly money.  So addictive is this condition that we included money, which is nothing more than a human mechanism used to measure and transfer the common value given to those things considered valuable, as the King of all things valuable.  Why obtain wealth by possessing something worth X amount of money when one can simply possess money without anything in particular in hand, the value of which is measured with money.  It is the ultimate self-indulgence and unarguably the longest-lasting and most powerful mass delusion that we have subjected ourselves to.  Over time, one or a few of us would wake from this false reality, usually as the result of a traumatic experience, however NOW is the first time that we wake en-masse from the illusion that so many of us still think real.  The way that was has simply always been, making its unmasking a tedious task, even though after waking from its psychotic embrace, the illusion can be seen as it is; fragile and whimsical.  It is hard to believe such a nonsensical concept dominated every human life and lifetime as far back as our collective memory remembers.

The simplest of all the realizations is also the most difficult to overcome; value, that which is the essence of all things valuable, does not actually exist.  It is an opinion, albeit an imposed collective opinion.  Nothing in the physical universe has any intrinsic value of any kind, nor does it require that anything have value; value is a perceptive opinion exclusive to humans.  We are the ones who decide what has value and how valuable something is.  We do so not by consensus or by any process even remotely resembling one of reason.  We assign the value of all things with our emotions, whimsically, selfishly and capriciously.  We desire the excess of wealth to gain the admiration and respect of our brethren but also lustfully desire their envy of how much money we have and relish in the suffering and genuflections of those weaker in spirit, who consider those with money to be better.  We may deny it, but we have all felt this, regardless of how intensely it affected any one of us.

We covet and whore over what is naught but an opinion in order to achieve an illusion and we demean ourselves by doing so.  So profane is this that we have done, that the cumulative weight of the atrocities, deceit and self-deceit that we have heaped upon our heads and shoulders is what began to wake us from the illusion.  It should not be a surprise to any of us that greed eventually defeats its own purpose, but not before reducing everything around it to rubble.

Know this; during this process of “waking”, there will be a time fraught with danger for humans; the sheer numbers of us waking from the illusion will form a process of the waking and it is a function of that process that will be dangerous.  The process has already begun and the function of the process is all but upon us as well.  This function can be defined as the very difficult reconciliation (between the lie and the truth) that we must all calculate if we wish to keep our sanity and move forward.  Not everyone will be able to reconcile what we’ve done to so many generations, including our own.  The point where the reconciliation fails is the pivotal point; once the reconciliation fails, the individual will desperately attempt to re-enter the false reality in search of some closure, however at this point the mind is one clump short of an organic puree; no one can survive that alone.  Additionally, the attempt to re-enter the false reality will fail:  it is an established fact that no one can lie to themselves twice, the second attempt becomes an excuse for weakness, but that won’t stop a lot of us from attempting it.  The result of this function is that the individual concludes that it becomes imperative to take possession of valuables in order to accumulate “wealth” by any means necessary, in a frenzied attempt to satisfy that most powerful of beasts:  our ego.  Those who find themselves in this situation will realize, just a bit too late, that it didn’t work; the illusion’s ability to mimic reality diminishes exponentially as more and more of us wake up from it.  The weakened nature of the illusion which is wealth will be interpreted as scarcity of wealth by those still addicted and those who try to become addicts again, in vain.   Statements such as “there’s no money to be made” or “nobody has any money” are common right now.  The perception that wealth and money is in scarcity (which is a mathematically absurd concept) results in anxiety, depression and desperation; symptoms common to all addicts of all kinds.  In the world of substance or drug addiction this is known by various names, depending on the particular substance, among them:  jonesing, the jones, coming down or needing a fix.  It is incumbent upon all of us to remember that addiction is addiction, regardless of what one is addicted to.  All addictions are destructive, as their only purpose is to serve the function of their own perpetuation and as a result the human qualities known as reason and rationality are nullified.   As such, the fact that the overwhelming majority of humans are addicted to the accumulation or possession of wealth and money results in that their behavior impacts everyone, including those trying to rid themselves of this addiction.  This is why we are witnessing an alarming increase in acts of fraud, deception, robbery and theft, everywhere in the world.  This is no different from the crack addict offering oral sex for a dollar; however we will not make this relationship immediately due to the globe-encompassing spread of the addiction to wealth.  Actions which have always been considered reprehensible will suddenly be justifiable and unacceptable actions will be viewed as the only means to the end of equity.  This is, of course, a null calculation.

None of this is an opinion, nor is it prophecy, nor is it a prediction; it is simply the result of the math.  Regardless of how we feel about it, no one can argue with the math, we can only change it, if we choose to.  We are the authors of tomorrow’s story, whether we like it or not.  It matters not to the blank page that sits awaiting quill and human hand to make a work whole that we have become a planet of addicted, whiny, punk-ass little bitches; we will still have to write the story of our own tomorrow.

I may have written the formula for this math, but I am simply one of us, no more and no less.  I don’t accept this math and with all my heart I choose to try and CHANGE IT, so I write and share the math to that end.  I can not do anything alone; it is not up to me, it is up to us, so I write and share the math in a very direct attempt to not let the math encumber a different choice. Being a member of this human civilization and/or “society” at any level is a forced addictive state; one which requires a daily discipline to overcome.  Is it the least bit odd that we tend to dislike discipline, intensely?  Perhaps we can all take a lesson from those alcoholics who embrace a particular daily discipline.  They conclude that once a person becomes an alcoholic, they will always be an alcoholic, regardless of whether or not they drink.  They are aware that alcohol will always be there to tempt them and it is the exercising of their will which perseveres by allowing the person to CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK instead of drinking, or possibly worse; contemplating other cheap, cop-out and sissy options such as the elimination of all alcohol or legally forbidding its consumption, so as to not have to make any choices.  We’ve been there and done that, it was called the prohibition.  ‘Nuff said.

We can do better.

I love each and every one of the 7 Billion+ of us.

 Choose, don’t excuse.





Today I received a call on my cell phone from myself; that is to say that the caller id indicated that I was the caller.  This was at first confusing, but then intriguing, so I dared myself to answer…myself and see what I wanted, but I chickened out.  A few minutes later, I called myself again and this time, I was not happy with myself for interrupting me!  I should know how busy I am, so this time I answered.  I guess I had nothing to say to myself because I hung up.  Then I started worrying that I would begin to call constantly and make a nuisance of myself to me, I got so worked up I had to take a Xanax, but only a .5, they just relax you a bit.  Then I wondered if I could block my own number so I couldn’t call myself anymore and even though it seemed a bit paradoxical, I decided to try it, so I blocked my own number and about 30 seconds later, the lights dimmed a bit and every toilet in zip code 33317 flushed simultaneously, resulting in an overload on the water management mechanism that uses the intra-coastal waterway as a drainage system.  The overload strained the pressure filters in the main reservoir, causing an electromagnetic surge to be emitted into the water of the main reservoir which is connected to the canal system that runs through the entire city including my back yard.  The surge was so powerful that it caused a a chemical reaction that resulted in spontaneous mass electrolysis, separating the water into oxygen and hydrogen in two gigantic bubbles at high velocity.  Gas doesn’t navigate very well so the bus-sized bubbles couldn’t turn right when the canal did and hit the retaining wall of the canal, bursting and shooting thousands of tiny hydrogen and oxygen bubbles into the air.  The hydrogen bubbles rose to the level of the power lines running along the streets and ignited upon contact, creating thousands of small ‘pop’ mini explosions.  Fortunately, they were so small they didn’t do any damage but the sound they made was identical to the mating call of Mothra (from the Godzilla movie), who showed up 3 minutes later and tried to mate with a trawling dredge towing a net to clean the canal (Mothra doesn’t see too well).  In all the excitement, the skipper of the dredge panicked and reached for his cell phone to call for help but got confused and dialed his own number by mistake and then the universe disappeared.

Only in 2016.

Laugh every once in a while, it cleans the soul’s palate and makes the world taste a little bit better.   – ctwfrank

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I’ve never had a problem communicating with people in general and with women in particular, especially my wife.    Today, however, I’m stumped.

I accompanied my wife to the doctor to get the results of an ultrasound she had done recently.  The doctor explained that the test shows a gallstone and she needed surgery to remove it.   After 2 or 3 minutes of pondering, she turns to ME and says:  “Fine, but I want new boobs.”

I just wrote this, and I still draw a blank.

Oh, one more thing.  Somehow during all of this, I somehow agreed to the new boobs.


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Quote of the day

Dealing with the Paradox of a New World

Simba, umgawa!  Cheetah, umgawa!  UMGAWA!


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Any place is the best place to start something you are actually going to do

Dealing with the Paradox of a New World

I’m still writing what I hoped would be the first post, but it don’t look that way any more! This is not what I would have chosen or preferred, by a long shot, as the opening post of this new chapter, but there is something that must be said right now and nobody (you know who you are) are saying anything about it and it is unacceptable to be caugh off guard by something like this in 2015, so it looks like I’m the one who will say it:

It smells, very strongly, of WAR, folks. This was always a possibility on the list of possible actions that might be taken when the crushing weight of the our crumbling infrastructure becomes too visible to be hidden – and it is.  I had hoped and worked as hard as I could to do anything, inspire anyone or by any means try…

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Time’s up

Without mincing words or using them to distort meaning:  Politics and government favors only the dollar, specifically, its acquisition and accumulation by specific people, period.  The dollar, in turn, favors no one; it is not a person, it is a now worthless relic of a mechanism, allegedly for trade, but which we still give life to by believing it has actual value.  The math then yields that politics and government favors nothing:  nothing.  Isn’t that a state of existence that can be defined as anarchy?

The state of humanity is our problem; ALL of us.  We’re out of time and it’s time to stop doing nothing. A little love is a good place to start.

We must do better, or we will die.

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As to giving up

It appears that someone else has give “it” a name and assigned it a date.  It is being called the “Fiscal Cliff” and apparently we are supposed to topple over it on January 1, 2013.  Interesting.  At least this gives some indication that there is a speck of sanity and an atom of awareness left in the human condition.  It’s not a fiscal cliff, however, if we were to apply that metaphor to the actual world, we went over that cliff in 2008.  After filtering out all of the “required modifications” to the language used, what is being called the “fiscal cliff” may very well be the bottom of the precipice that we have already fallen from (it is still incalculable to determine how far we will fall) and January 1, 2013 may be a probabilistic calculation as when we might hit that bottom.

It is simply insane that, at this stage of the process, all that we are capable of is to acknowledge the inevitable proximity of an unthinkable catastrophe and attempt to figure out when it will occur.   All that is missing is to take bets and give odds as to the actual date for it to technically be lunacy.

It is a shame; and to think that preventing it from even occurring is so simple.  All that we have to do is to realize that there is no spoon, because there isn’t.

I can’t let myself  forget, even for an instant, that giving up is simply not allowed.

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