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September 27, 2018

Today is my Mother’s 84th Birthday. She is the most amazing woman I’ve ever known in the whole of the planet; all of it. That’s my mom, I love her so very much. Happy Birthday Lucrecia Antonia Toribio y Vidal; known to those who love her as “Chucha” and to this old dreamer she’s my Mommy.

Simple truths are so powerfully beautiful.

September 2018

Burt Reynolds has passed. He was one of the most undervalued talents we had. I didn’t see that one coming. I also didn’t know that we now have a TEST for Alzheimer’s disease, and it works. It’ll take weeks for me to clean up the mess from when the news blew me away. Holy Cow! We have an Alzheimer’s test! It’s about time, don’t you think?


The first war

The first war of the next civilization has begun, It’s not what we thought. We’re not at war over religion, over food, or ideologies or poverty. The war broke out between all of us. Everyone is at war with everyone. There’s no cause or sides or goal or even a plan. Almost all 7 billion of us have been so vehemently abused by our own ‘age of coercion that we forgot the genetic collective completely and for each: “I’m just so fed up and tired of not being able to breathe and I miss the warmth of people but they are all the enemy and I’m going to take whatever i have; a cash register, a pencil, whatever I use for work or at home and use it to punish and humiliate everyone as I feel humiliated and impotent to express any though at all. They all my enemies. They only want to be half a step ahead of anyone, for the sake of the half a step. I hate them, I hate all humans. No you don’t. Dont’ believe it for a minute. It’s a reflex. You’re stronger than that. Anger and hate weaken the spirit and make us less. We are not less, only when we separate from the rest. We are all we have. Forgetting that can be mortal. The next time you see the war coming toward you, and it will, with an invitation. Don’t accept it. Let is pass. Most of us know no better and can’t think of who to blame but each other. If you find yourself in battle, remember some of our old tools that have been forgotten: grace, humor, understanding, wit, empathy and in the right circumstance, a little flirting can quell a maelstrom. We’re human. We are spectacular. Be spectacular with each other. We’re the only creatures that can do spectacular. It’s better than war. The former; fulfllling. The latter; a slow poison. Ponder than. It works.

I love you all, CTWFRANK



Today, something so horrifying happened to me, that it tested my covenant more than I can even explain .

It’s almost time.

Every day, each and every one of us asks ourselves, each other and whoever we pray to the question; “What will become of us?” in one way or another. As the pace and intensity of the degeneration of the human condition increases, the question becomes more complex and stressful. Many hear the comment “there are more questions than answers”. This is not true, of course, it’s merely a measure of how much fear we allow. There is, in the end, only one question to ask, and sooner or later we must all ask ourselves the question; and answer it, for only we, all of us, can do so; we are all we have.

That question is:  Can we change what we choose to believe enough to re-define ourselves and understand that ‘hope’ is not a philosophical ethereal state that is bestowed; it is a tangible, physical force that a human being invokes by will and becomes the fuel we use to build what we call ‘reality’; The very same reality that we already created and broke, because we did, and then act as if someone ‘else’ did.

Have we lost so much of our humanity that we’re willing to be the architects of our own destruction instead of the authors of our future?  Do we believe in ourselves at all?  Or have we become so warped by our abuse of free will that we believe our species irreparable and doomed?

The time to ask the question is upon us and we (you too) must do so soon. If our collective decision is that we can’t change, then find a place to sit and continue to believe as we were taught, for the sheer weight of the damage that we’ve already done to ourselves is already more than we can bear and we literally face extinction.   If, on the other hand, we decide, with absolute clarity, that we CAN change (of course we can change), then, together we CAN re-define the reality that we ourselves create.  If that’s the case; then, what are we waiting for?  All we need Is CONSENSUS not WAR.

(If you’re not sure, ask the person who looks back at you in the mirror- we can’t lie to that person. )

It is time to answer that question.

I’ll go first if you wish:  WE CAN DO BETTER.





Quantum Eulogy

Dr. Hawking has passed on. There aren’t enough words to properly formulate a statement that would be accurate or worthy at this moment.  He gave us Cosmology and its significance.  For this old mad scientist, he was a hero; for all of us, he shaped part of our future.  There would be no math without him and his mind.  He did no more and no less that what is expected of each one of us; it was enough to make his life a grand one;  Respect.  I will miss his sense of humor almost as much as his shining brilliance; a true human being.    Thank you Stephen, from all of us.

Okay, agreed. This blog will be the landing site. At a rate of 1% per cycle, it should take 3 months to achieve a minimun of momentum.

My new doorbell

I’ve always wanted to do this.