On your marks…

Hey gang!  Many of you have asked me, more than once, if I was up to something good & not saying anything.  I’m breaking silence today, a little. I have been working on something, building something SPECTACULAR for 5 years now.  It’s almost ready and I will announce it here first, to you.  Remember that rule #6 has no exceptions, I will announce it here, just not right now.  Stay tuned, it’s worth the wait!

I love each and every one of us



A Wordplay Buzz

Today; April 23, is International Irony Day. Seriously now, it is; don’t laugh.  Interestingly enough, we also happen to live on a planet where what pretty much everyone believes that the definition of Irony – or what they think irony is, is in fact, sarcasm.  The definition and examples of what most people would immediately call irony, is actually sarcasm – and we still decided to make April 23rd “International Irony Day”.  How messed up is that?

Do you know what’s even more messed up? The “irony” that’s being celebrated today is actually sarcasm, so today should be International Sarcasm Day, but nobody knows the difference anymore.  This is so IRONIC that it’s textbook irony, but it also mathematically validates the premise for International Irony day; so in the end, International Irony Day is ironic & as such, legitimate, but nobody knows because they think irony is sarcasm, which makes International Irony Day even more ironic.

Damn!  How does that shit happen?

I need to sit down for a minute….

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On behalf of myself and the math, I offer greetings and my most heartfelt good wishes for a happy and joyful 4/20 to all. 

Respect –

On April 19th, 1775, the “the shot heard around the world’ was fired and the American Revolution began.  On a day just like any other day, except that on that particular April 19th, a people united under a ideal that stood for something real, and the result was the United States of America.  That is inspiring!  

It’s a shame that the kind of humans that built our country are apparently extinct.  I honor this day in memory of the USA. I miss the United States very much, even the watered down version from the 90’s

I  was born in the USA and grew up there, before we let it become whatever THIS is; it’s not the USA, that’s for sure.  It’s become a strange place that sort of resembles a penitentiary for misbehaved idiots who have been told to stand in the corner with a dunce cap on for doing something really, really stupid, hasn’t it?

Happy first day of the American Revolution! It gave us the dream that was the United States of America, all 15 – 20 minutes of it.

I love all of you. 

Probabilistic Math , not magic

The math says that Social Media will lose its status as a fad, and take its rightful place as “one of those things that we’d rather not remember we did” by 2020.


17 march 2017



I slit the sheet, 

the sheet, I slit

And beneath the slitted 

Sheet I slid.

Or is it

I slit the sheet, 

the sheet, I slit
And upon the slitted 
Sheet I sit.

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As to being alive.

Life is not a competition.

It’s actually the wildest ride at the most amazing park that anyone has ever seen.




Things we all know, but occasionally should be reminded of

Whenever a man demonstrates any kind of simple courtesy to a woman, or extends an invitation to participate in any kind of activity – ranging from a full “date” to a simple “Can I help you with your groceries?”: the math says that he does so only because he wants to tap that ass.

It’s not a bad thing, it’s a HUMAN thing.

I love each and every single one of us.


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Everything has a beginning…and an end.

In spite of being a so-called Activist and the author of a blog about navigating the collapse of the last civilization; I’m not a radical.  Today my heart is heavy and I wept genuine tears of sorrow, for today; January 20, 2017, with the simple uttering of a few words, we witnessed the death of the United States of America and the dream that was America.  I have to take back all the times I gave the “why I’m not a patriot” anecdote when I spoke, and while I maintain my philosophical and linguistic views on words like that, I also have to acknowledge that even though I don’t believe in countries, I love my country; we were the last, best hope for something besides despotism.  All of that died today, together with the dream that was America and with it, a piece of my heart.

I just ripped open my chest and shared my heart.  It is what we humans do, and through the sadness and despair and hopelessness that is strangling us all, I share my feelings and fears with all of you to let them go and not forget that this is our planet and that we are all we have.  I will not fear and I will not succumb to violence and aggression.  I will be right here, working without rest towards the same goal; to make a choice as a people.  I haven’t failed at the task, the conditions have changed, that’s all.  We could have made the choice, and now we have no choice, but the fact remains:  WE CAN DO BETTER.

I love each and every one of us that share this world.  We are all we have.

ctwfrank – in memoriam of the United States of America.



Quote of the day

“Woops, I did it again! 

Britney Spears

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