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We are so far advanced from where we were 10,000 or more years ago.  We are such badasses!  Just to think, not that long ago, we were little more than naked, nomadic semi-animals who spent the majority of their time looking for food.

Now, however, we have GROWN AND EVOLVED.  Look at US! See what we have evolved into:

Today I received an e-mail.  It was spam, just like the other 412 e-mails that I received in the last 15 minutes (it now takes a measurable amount of time for a person to “sift” out real e-mails from the spam).  This particular e-mail caught my attention because of the bright colors (because I’m a recovering 20th century consumer) and when I read it, it really had an impact.  At the end of this post there is a screen shot of the e-mail message.  Just in case the text is too small and you can’t make it out well, the e-mail reads as follows:


Hey frank (then my email address which I blacked out)

Use this information to Blackmail Anyone You Know

 Ever wished you could get back at someone by uncovering dirty information?

If they have a speck of dirt under their fingernails, we’ll find it and provide it to you.  Find out background information on anyone in just minutes (arrests, past marriages/felony)

 Get the Dirty on Anyone Here (in the green button)


This is what we have evolved into?  This is the best we have?

Sometimes, we suck, big time.

(PS, in case the author of the e-mail is reading this:  Get a life!!)

What's left of us.

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The price of excellence

In today’s world we try to teach our children to excel and to do their best and we believe this, therefore it is fair to say that this is true. At the same time, whenever anyone excels or does their best or does something that is considered valuable or important and is recognized for doing what we have instilled in them since childhood, what follows the recognition is a barrage of envy, resentment, exclusion, rejection and even mistreatment on a personal level; not by everyone, but by almost everyone. If each individual instance of this negative response was to be analyzed and dissected, one would see that the reason and cause for it boils down to the simple thought: “Why couldn’t it have been me? Why did it have to be him/her?

So widespread has this phenomenon become, and so used to it have we become that it is not only expected, but has become that which is desired, for which one of us can stand in front of a mirror and deny that some, or all of the motivation or inspiration that we may have to accomplish anything is based on how much others will envy us for being recognized and financially compensated.

It is very possible that this very real aspect of humanity may be the reason why so many arrive at the conclusion that it is futile to excel or contribute for any reason other than the financial benefit, the latter having become the only motivation we may have left. It is also very possible and quite probable that many people have actually solved this equation and concluded that the only way to not experience this phenomenon is to be mediocre.

If we look around, we can see that what we actually teach ourselves to aspire to is mediocrity, for what greater accomplishment can there be than to “not attract too much attention?” Just ask any celebrity.

An exceptional thought, action or creation born of any one of us requires the good will, acceptance and simple courtesy of the rest of us; for what benefits one of us, benefits us all. We already know this.

Isn’t it time to forgive the past and build a future? We’ve made enough mistakes to learn from them instead of repeating them.

We can do better.


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Playing the odds

What we once mostly called the “economy” or at times the “financial infrastructure” at other times the “fiscal structure” and every once it a while we would call it the “banking structure” or the “commercial structure” of the world, or to be more general; the systematic functional management and administration of wealth and value – ended, or died, or disappeared or was replaced some time ago.  It’s hard to pinpoint exactly when, but it doesn’t really matter at this point.  If anyone might ask the question:  “If this is true, then what has existed in its place since?”  The answer to that would be a casino, with the only exception being that there is no house.

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How to talk like THEM.

Have you ever wondered how they do it?  I’m referring to any of THEM (or “they”, you know; the same ones who “say” – ‘They say the economy will get better.’) who stand in front of large groups of people and give speeches.  It doesn’t have to be any particular one of them; it could be any one of them; politicians, corporate tycoons, millionaires, dictators and the like. How is it that they are able to stand up there for such a long time and talk as much as they do and say NOTHING at all, yet leave us in awe and impressed with the superlative oratory that we were fortunate enough to witness.  How is it that they do it?  They’re not THAT charismatic or charming or spellbinding, so how can so few talk so much crap and have it result in our applause, admiration, donations or votes? I’m not implying that an impressive and impacting discourse is never genuine, there are those who have the presence, power and passion to communicate a message to a large group of people and succeed with an impeccable power; it’s just there are far too many of them that don’t have any of these talents who manage to get away appearing as if they did every time they open their yapper and I think it’s about time a cat or two is let out of a bag or two.  Impressive, impacting, breathtaking and moving speeches can be made by anyone, with the assistance of a little math.  In this case; linguistic math. Would you like to learn how you can easily and simply give a knock-out speech that says absolutely nothing of any significance yet leaves the audience impressed, applauding and vowing life-long loyalty?  Let’s have some fun.

Below is what I call a ‘linguistic speech matrix’.  It breaks down key sections of sentences that contain words to which we are programmed from birth to respond to.  This is no joke, try it and you will be blown away.  The matrix is in the form of a table, with rows and columns.  There are four columns, numbered 1 through 4 which represent sentence segments.  These segments are interchangeable with other sentence segments containing the same component key words.  The matrix also has several rows and these are indexed by letter, alphabetically (A, B, C, etc).   Here’s how you use it: Starting with column 1, pick any row you like for the first part of what will be a 4-part sentence and then pick a different row for columns 2, 3 and 4 to form a sentence.  For example; you can start off with F1, D2, G3 and E4.  This gives you the following sentence, in this example the content of each cell has a different color font to help identify them: “The burden of daily life proves that the present structure of the organization facilitates the creation of new propositions.”  Afterwards, simply continue mixing and matching columns and rows, as long as they are in column sequence 1-2-3-4.  The more sentences you form, the longer and more impressive the speech sounds.

The matrix also has a bonus: it is flexible and adaptable so that it can mimic relevance.  It accomplishes this with column 4, which contains the wording which is the pivotal object of the sentence.   All of the rows in column 4 contain key words that sound important but mean nothing, however you can replace the words in column 4 from the matrix with something current, as long as it can follow “of” in terms of sentence structure.  Let’s use the same example as above but in this case, we’ll replace what is in E4 with something current and on the minds of many people, like the economy.  You can modify it like this: “The burden of daily life proves that the present structure of the organization facilitates the creation of a new global economic infrastructure.”  You can insert relevant topics into the column 4 segment here and there and voila! You’ve just made a top notch, expert level and knock-their’s-socks-off-speech.  Just imagine how much fun we could have with this knowledge!    Give it a try, it’s the real deal.  Now you not only know how to put together a world-class speech, you also have a tool to help you differentiate between an talented speaker and someone who is using a matrix: content.   Maybe this will level the playing field some, who knows?  Enjoy!







My fellow citizens, In order to reach the goals of the program We are obligated to perform a detailed analysis of the existing financial and administrative conditions.


On the other hand and given the present circumstances the complexity of analysis performed by management plays an essential role in the structuring of the development directives for the future.


Therefore. the constant increase in the quality and quantity of our activities demand exact precision and the complete support of the main participating system.


Regardless, we can not forget that the present structure of the organization assists in the preparation and completion of the member’s attitudes towards their unavoidable duties.


Similarly, the new distribution of duties of the organization guarantees the participation of an important group in the formation of new propositions.


The burden of daily life proves that the continuous development of different types of activities complies with important obligations in the determination of the learning curve, in terms of pogress.


It is not an absolute necessity to argue the complexity and the meaning of these problems, given that our activity and progress in the areas of information and propaganda facilitates the creation of the structure of programs that relate to specific needs.


A diversified base of meaningful experiences teaches us that the reinforcing and development of the structures prevents the appreciation of the importance of the conditions of the appropriate activities


It is the eagerness of the organization and also that the advice of of several militants offers us an interesting opportunity to test the validity of the development model.


Superior ideological principles are what allow that the beginnings of the process of forms the new attitudes which implies the process of reconstruction and modernization of the various types of action.


Additionally, we could very well dare to suggest that a specific re-launching of all the implied sectors will have to indicate an authentic starting point of the basic premises as adopted.


It is obvious to point out that that the overcoming of outmoded ways of thinking will, in any case, specify the fundamental basis of an actual wide-spectrum casuistry,


But we would commit the sin of insincerity if we were to avoid the fact that an indiscriminate application of conclusive factors assures us, in any case, of having a sensible investment process of the resulting elements.


Finally, and as a definitive final statement, it is necessary to add that the consensual process of various and other concurrent applications is derived by overcoming the indirect occurrence of a whole series of ideologically systematized criteria sharing a common front of regenerative acts.
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A most interesting modification to the solution of the global economic crisis…

I most definitely hope to be able to say that I “spoke too soon” if I waxed a bit too critical in yesterday’s post: The solution to the global economic crisis.   I don’t have all of the details yet, but I just now learned that there is a “Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference”.  From what I have seen so far, these conferences are occurring at regular intervals, given that the web page I just looked at was about the 17th Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference.   Perhaps some of us are looking at possible ways to restructure after the present insolvency bottoms out, and at a good pace too!  They’ve already had 17 of them!  They must have these conferences on a weekly basis, or possibly on a monthly basis; the last 17 months have been the hardest so far.

What confuses me a little is that the web page for this conference lists the last one in May of 2011.  There should have been at least 3 more since May, if not 12.  It must be a typo; I mean, come on; there’s no way that this could have been the 17th annual Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference, could it?  That would mean that they have known about the insolvent state of the world for at least 17 years, perhaps more.   That couldn’t be possible, could it?  17 years ago; in 1994; there was no clue that the massive hammer punch we took in 2008 would happen or that any of these economic “bubbles” that exploded would exist; right?  I mean; if this were the 17th annual Global Insolvency and Restructuring Conference, then. . .  have we been insolvent since then or did we know that we would become insolvent?  Since 1994?

Excuse me for a moment, I just got a headache; I’m going to take an analgesic.

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A quick bit of reality.


The constitution prohibits the establishing of laws based on a religious belief or religious law; it is the fundamental basis of the separation of church and state.  The constitution makes no such prohibition, nor virtually any other of any kind, to the private sector.  That is to say that a private company can base its policies and procedures and/or operating guidelines on religious law and/or religious belief.  This is guaranteed by the bill of rights (freedom of religion/freedom of speech).

The Meat and Potatoes:

The concept of “Lending Money” is one so absurd and ridiculous that it belies all logic, yet it is just one more “impossible” scenario that we make a part of our daily lives.  Our civilization, as it stands in 2011 could not function at all without the lending of money, after all it is how money is created; you deposit your money in a bank, let’s say $1000.00.  The bank, under the pretense that you will not withdraw that money immediately, can take a portion of it; let’s say $500.00 and lends it to someone else as if it were theirs and charges them interest on it.  By accepting the loan from the bank (of your money) the beneficiary of the loan now has $500.00 dollars of your money that they bank lent them, but you also have the same $500.00 in your account; you’re just not using it right now.  By doing this, the bank created $500.00 dollars, or at least that’s what we believe.   In this post, I will not write any math intended to demonstrate how or why money can’t be borrowed or lent, because even though it can’t; we do it every day. In this post, I’ll stick to our present reality – to the last detail.

The lending of money is based on an analysis of credit risk. The function of credit risk analysis is to establish a person or entity’s creditworthiness. Creditworthiness is established by companies like FICO who assign a score in relation to a person’s creditworthiness.  In order to determine this score, FICO’s slated objective is to predict the likelihood that a consumer will go 90 days past due or worse in the subsequent 24 months after the score has been calculated.  Barring the fact that it is not possible to predict the future, the commercialization of predicting the future is officially classified as fortune-telling.  Fortune telling is recognized in many states as a legitimate business as evidenced by the ability to obtain an occupational or business tax license to operate a fortune telling establishment (with a disclaimer that it is for entertainment purposes only).  The reason that fortune-telling is classified as a legitimate business category is that fortune-telling is considered an aspect of witchcraft and witchcraft is officially recognized as a RELIGION in the U.S.A. and is therefore protected by the constitution.

In conclusion, even though the lives of every person in the country and most of the world, even governments are determined by their creditworthiness, there is no law regulating creditworthiness, credit scoring or credit rating, if there were, the law would be invalid because it would be based on a religious premise (witchcraft). At the same time, determining a person or company’s creditworthiness is technically an attempt to predict the future, which technically; is an act of witchcraft.  When this is applied to the general public, we are able to glimpse our reality: Every person who has a loan, mortgage or credit card or in any way has borrowed money has (whether they know it or now) technically practiced witchcraft.  There, that should light a fire or two under someone’s butt; they can’t argue the facts, however.  Banks lend money by trying to predict the future of a person’s creditworthiness.  The lending of money is the principal financial mechanism of the world’s economy; it is also the active practice of witchcraft, in reality.

It doesn’t get much more real than this.

We can do better.

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The solution to the global economic crisis.

I don’t understand what all of the fuss is about.  The entire world feels like it’s on the verge of a mass nervous breakdown over this “global economic crisis”.  So severe is this crisis that those few who actually know how bad it is will never divulge as much – and I am not one of those few; which may result my being asked how I can quantify “it” in any way.  The answer to all of these questions is actually very simple:  There is no financial “crisis” or a global “recession” or anything even remotely resembling the significant “slowing down” of the planet’s economy. According to the very authorities who define everything financial or economic; such as the IMF, the U.S. Federal Reserve, the World Bank and the rest of the endless list of “entities in charge” of everything related to monney; the present financial position of the human race stands as follows, using the basic, standardized, universal and official format called A BALANCE SHEET (expressed in US Dollars “US$”, as required, given that the official reserve currency of the world is the U.S. Dollar, as per the Breton-Woods Agreement, which is still being honored by recognizing gold as the official currency of the world):

Balance sheet for Homo-Sapiens as of October 10, 2011

Fiscal year-end:  December 31, 2011

Total Assets:               US$32 Trillion

Total Liabilities:         US$84 Trillion


Total Assets and

Liabilities:                  -US$52 Trillion

(The figures may not be exact, but they are close enough to be verifiable by any person through any number of official sources.)

As can be seen by our balance sheet, we have no economic crisis or recession; whenever ones’ liabilities are greater than one’s assets, especially to the degree seen in our collective balance sheet, it is called INSOLVENCY.  It’s in the dictionary, you can look it up.  It’s actually pretty clear; I don’t know how every “expert” in the world missed it.  On an individual basis, if any one person should become insolvent, the pestilence that is rained upon them is truly harsh, to the point where they must file for bankruptcy, after all; isn’t not being able to pay one’s bills one of the most despicable and shameful of all social positions? This is why it’s called “insolvency” – without a solution.  These days, most people are forced to deal with coercive threats and more if they are 3 days in paying a credit card statement and yet the entire human race is clearly and indisputably insolvent, and no one noticed?  I don’t know, but doesn’t that seem a little odd?  That’s beside the point, however; I don’t want to lose my place, where were we?  Oh yes, the inhabitants of Planet Earth are summarily and collectively insolvent; a fact which needs no further supporting evidence.  As such, what is required is that bankruptcy be filed, humanity’s existing assets and cash flow would probably be placed in receivership and eventually the court will discharge the debt by virtue of liquidation of assets, or something of the sort, right?  Those are the RULES; right?  That’s what any of us would be required to do individually, RIGHT?  If it applies to any person individually, then it must also apply to all of us collectively, given the same circumstances, RIGHT???

Here are the problems with this situation:

  1. Which court has jurisdiction over the entire human race?
  2. Assuming an answer for #1, to which address should all legal paperwork be sent?
  3. Who (and this is most important) speaks for all of us?  ALL of us; because it is all of us together who are bankrupt and insolvent.  Those few who may still think they “have a few bucks” can’t weasel their way out of being human, so it’s ALL of us, just look at the numbers.  Who could, or can, speak for all of us, should this impossible hearing ever take place?  That’s simple: All of us did not make, or even participate in the decisions as to the handling our global economy that resulted in insolvency.  It was only some of us who did so.  The fact that they didn’t get permission from all of us is irrelevant at this point; we believe the figures as written, therefore we are insolvent.  It would seem logical that it should be those same few who put all of us in this position who should stand up for the rest of us in this case – they did when they screwed up our books.  Wouldn’t you say?

Okay, I think that’s enough.  None of these things are actually going to happen.  All of us don’t even know who those few who put us all in this position are, or were.  It’s ridiculous to consider that the “human race” could file for bankruptcy, yet this doesn’t change the fact that we are bankrupt and insolvent.  We can’t play by some of the rules and ignore the rest when it’s convenient.  If humanity can’t file bankruptcy, then it can’t be insolvent either; why? Because we INVENTED both of those concepts, yet we believe them to be real and true individual “things” with their own will and presence.

What is truly comical to the point of being Machiavellian is how we have known this all along.  Of course we have, just look in the dictionary.  Look up the word “insolvent”.  The entire definition deals with money and bankruptcy.  From a linguistic point of view, however, the word insolvent is composed of two component morphemes; the prefix in-, which means NOT, and the word solvent, which of course, means everything that’s listed under the word insolvency, except for that one little detail that jumps out at you if you actually look up the word solvent: It also means “having the power to solve”.  Of course, that makes sense, doesn’t it?  Then why doesn’t the definition for insolvent include “The inability to solve?”  Maybe because when it comes to solving this mess, we are unable to.  Shit, we can’t even solve the right definition.   The entire financial crisis, wealth, value, currency, money and everything else isn’t even real, we just think it is which makes it real to all of us.  In the end, what this all means is that we are actually trying to run an insolvent civilization on a bankrupt planet and that somehow a solution will be found for making something out of nothing?  Look at it this way; each day that we continue to live believing this enormous pile of shit that came out of us is like driving a car with 4 flat tires; fast and a long way.  You know what happens eventually, right?

Okay, just don’t say I didn’t speak up.

We can do better.

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Can you Imagine?

If all the world’s women suddenly declared that they would only have sex with men that have six testicles in their one scrotum, and everyone believed it; no one would have any more sex and the human race would disappear within a generation.

If the last step of purchasing a new car were to precisely recite the smell of the color blue, as dictated by an Ancient Eskimo Chief to his son, who died without keeping a record of the description, and everyone believed it; no new cars would be sold.

If the world’s financial authorities declared that the sum total value of all money, gold, silver and other wealth possessed by all of the people on the planet totaled $34 Trillion and that the total amount of debt owed by all of the people on the planet was valued at $84 trillion, and everyone believed it, then money and wealth would be meaningless and worthless, no one would ever actually be able to own anything and everything in life would be measured by what you owe instead of what you are.

 Oh shit, wait a minute.  That last one’s an actual fact.

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Excuse me….again

Just for the sake of argument, let’s just say that the $84 trillion debt figure is real (LOL).   Let’s also say that I wanted to settle that debt, the whole thing, for everyone, and that I had the money with which to do it.  This being the case; who would I make the check out to?

It’s just a bombastic question, but a curious one to contemplate.

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… and then?

Sometimes, I admit that my iron-clad faith in our ability to overcome the absurd and my never-failing drive to participate in anything that will contemplate something different, my tireless research, my apparently never-ending posts and of course the math, succumb to the tiniest bit of pure 100% punk-ass bitch sissy fear that we will continue to observe, debate, criticize, philosophize, blame anyone for and endlessly complain about the state of the world – and then log out to go to work.

I am sometimes overcome with a wave of sadness at the thought of how we express our outrage and the unacceptability of the status quo, how we lash out in self-contempt for what we have done to ourselves and how we express a desperate desire for change – and then log out because we’re going to a movie or a restaurant.  Sometimes I even let myself feel the emotional avalanche that would result if all of a sudden, someday in the future, it turns out that the only thing that the math is able to accomplish is a publishing contract instead of inspiring thought and action.  Every day that passes, we draw one day closer to the day that we either decide what we want, together as humans, or run and hide while “things sort themselves out” and “settle down”.  Most days, I KNOW that consensus and action based on humanity and the desire to be happy will instigate change and there are those days when I simply hope we will do something and if not then at least I would hope that someone, anyone, would join with me as I walk up to whoever we end up giving the rest of human history to for free and tell them to fuck off; I’m not going to play this game anymore.  In the end, what will happen is what the majority of us allow to happen.  We know the difference and we know what’s at sake.  It we punk out and allow for the existing version of “civilization” to reboot, humanity – even the crappy version we’ve known for the last 30-40 years will become something vile and ugly, and I will be powerless to do anything about it because I’m simply one of us, and we would have spoken.

Fortunately, I don’t have many of those moments, there’s not enough time for that.  I shake it off and resume my task of simply participating and doing my best and I know that those dark thoughts of our own impotence and fear are just wild areas, right?  I mean, it’s not even remotely possible that we could all sit here and watch whatever is left of us go to shit, on TV with a delivery pizza in hand and act like it’s happening somewhere else, to someone else, right?

There comes a time when awareness has been created, quotations have been analyzed and validated, the inhumanity of the world has been validated and all that is left of for us to do is to walk away from our computers, I-phones, androids and the rest and gather somewhere spacious and green where we can meet each other and hug and smile, and take our world and our lives back with the strength that the love of billions of us can generate. No one drop of blood needs to be shed and not more person needs to suffer or go hungry or feel alone.  We, all of us, just have to say “enough” and that is all it will take.  We don’t have much time before we confuse ourselves to the point of idiocy.  Butch it up, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen; it’s time to see if there’s any spine left in our backbones.  We can figure out HOW we’ll make the world better after we remember that we can and do something – human.  To paraphrase the great Master Yoda:  Right now we just have to know that we can do better and DO IT – or do it not, there is no try.

Many of us are now awake.  What’s next?

We CAN do better.

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