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Rule # 11 – The mediocrity rule

In life, as with all things; a person must KNOW what they want and not settle for anything less.

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You tell me….

The application of an electromagnetically induced gravimetric algorithm inherent in a possible extra-dimensional quantum realm to 3-D space time resulting in the redistribution of quantum three-dimensional space/TIME (Einsteinian Space) that affects the manifestations of the 3-D concepts of movement, distance and velocity.

An algorithm that uses three-dimensional physical values to produce an extra-dimensional condition in 3-D space/time that modifies the properties of 3-D physical space and therefore redefines movement.

In 3-D space/time, movement is characterized by the change in the plotted coordinates of the location of a physical object in 3-d space (h/w/d) at two separate points in time where the difference in the coordinates represent a linear distance in 3-D space.

To a human being the value or worth of everything is related to its efficiency (a change in physical values that is considered useful and convenient to humans). In the case of the 3-D values of movement related to distance, the measurement of efficiency is defined as a function that can be measured in TIME.

By combining an electromagnetism and gravity to form an applied algorithm resulting in the manifestation of an extra dimensional value that can co-exists with 3-dimensional values and redistributes the conditions of space and time in quantum 3-D space, the manifestation of linear movement in the quantum realm is proportionately altered by re-definining distance which in turn increases the efficiency of the movement between two points in 3-d space/time by reducing or eliminating the time it takes to move a physical object between two points in 3-D space.

E.g. By combining a 3-d electromagnetic wave above 4000k mhz with induced gravimetric force in the same sequence that occurs during the supernova stage in the dynamic energy cycle of a star; focused in a specific area of space a quantum reaction equal to the massive transmutation of the thermal energy to gravimetric energy that occurs in a supernova; the force and angular momentum of the contained energy transmutation transcend the condition of TIME that exists in 3-d space by redistributing the matter and mass specific to a 3-D area so that does not contemplate distance and as such reduces or eliminates the effect and limitation of time to the linear movement of a physical object in 3-D quantum space. Essentially, the physical object doesn’t move by definition, instead the mass and matter of the space between where the physical object is and where it wants to be is rearranged so that it does not physically exist during the effect of the induced force, this being the equivalent of instantaneous movement between extreme distances in 3-d space.

Frank Vidal


Oct 23, 2016

For my daughter Maya. Happy Birthday.

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June 25

Tomorrow; June 25; is the International Day of the Seafarer, according to the UN, so I would like to wish Popeye a wonderful day, I guess.



Knowledge vs information

Today is National Anti-Fascist Struggle Day. Can anyone explain exactly what fascism is?  


Get set…

Okay, okay!  I won’t be much longer. I’ll make the announcement TONIGHT and you will see it before the rest of the world, right here.

You are all amazing! 



On your marks…

Hey gang!  Many of you have asked me, more than once, if I was up to something good & not saying anything.  I’m breaking silence today, a little. I have been working on something, building something SPECTACULAR for 5 years now.  It’s almost ready and I will announce it here first, to you.  Remember that rule #6 has no exceptions, I will announce it here, just not right now.  Stay tuned, it’s worth the wait!

I love each and every one of us



A Wordplay Buzz

Today; April 23, is International Irony Day. Seriously now, it is; don’t laugh.  Interestingly enough, we also happen to live on a planet where what pretty much everyone believes that the definition of Irony – or what they think irony is, is in fact, sarcasm.  The definition and examples of what most people would immediately call irony, is actually sarcasm – and we still decided to make April 23rd “International Irony Day”.  How messed up is that?

Do you know what’s even more messed up? The “irony” that’s being celebrated today is actually sarcasm, so today should be International Sarcasm Day, but nobody knows the difference anymore.  This is so IRONIC that it’s textbook irony, but it also mathematically validates the premise for International Irony day; so in the end, International Irony Day is ironic & as such, legitimate, but nobody knows because they think irony is sarcasm, which makes International Irony Day even more ironic.

Damn!  How does that shit happen?

I need to sit down for a minute….

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Quote of the day

“Woops, I did it again! 

Britney Spears

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Christmas 2017


Tomorrow; December 26, 2017 as we LEGALLY observe Chistmas Day. December 25tb fell on a Sunday this year, so Federal Law requires us to shift the entire space-time continuum BACK 24 hours so there will be an actual Holiday to not work, even though every Sunday is technically a Holiday, but not by regulation,which is why two Holidays can’t fall on the same day, but then again Dec 26 isn’t a real Holiday, oh wait, yes it is, but only THIS Dec 26, because it fell on a Monday. There, now I’m totally lost, but not to worry, we get TWO Christmases this year!   No, wait….

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A function of the process – revisited

There are memories, concepts and ideas that should never be revisited and there are those that should.  This one most definitely should. (remember; I wrote this in 2010).




 It is still very fresh:  the memory of the illusion that was.  Many, in fact, have yet to loose themselves from its grasp.  Change has never occurred easily to us, especially when it is imposed as fiercely as it is now.   We rarely invite change voluntarily, even though we all know that it is both inevitable and necessary, but this; this verges on insanity.

Here is where we are now, today.  We are a planet of addicts; prisoners of the mind, not the body.  We do the unthinkable and the illogical in order to obtain a dose of that which ails us; wealth.  Wealth: the accumulation, in excess far beyond any need, of valuables, particularly money.  So addictive is this condition that we included money, which is nothing more than a human mechanism used to measure and transfer the common value given to those things considered valuable, as the King of all things valuable.  Why obtain wealth by possessing something worth X amount of money when one can simply possess money without anything in particular in hand, the value of which is measured with money.  It is the ultimate self-indulgence and unarguably the longest-lasting and most powerful mass delusion that we have subjected ourselves to.  Over time, one or a few of us would wake from this false reality, usually as the result of a traumatic experience, however NOW is the first time that we wake en-masse from the illusion that so many of us still think real.  The way that was has simply always been, making its unmasking a tedious task, even though after waking from its psychotic embrace, the illusion can be seen as it is; fragile and whimsical.  It is hard to believe such a nonsensical concept dominated every human life and lifetime as far back as our collective memory remembers.

The simplest of all the realizations is also the most difficult to overcome; value, that which is the essence of all things valuable, does not actually exist.  It is an opinion, albeit an imposed collective opinion.  Nothing in the physical universe has any intrinsic value of any kind, nor does it require that anything have value; value is a perceptive opinion exclusive to humans.  We are the ones who decide what has value and how valuable something is.  We do so not by consensus or by any process even remotely resembling one of reason.  We assign the value of all things with our emotions, whimsically, selfishly and capriciously.  We desire the excess of wealth to gain the admiration and respect of our brethren but also lustfully desire their envy of how much money we have and relish in the suffering and genuflections of those weaker in spirit, who consider those with money to be better.  We may deny it, but we have all felt this, regardless of how intensely it affected any one of us.

We covet and whore over what is naught but an opinion in order to achieve an illusion and we demean ourselves by doing so.  So profane is this that we have done, that the cumulative weight of the atrocities, deceit and self-deceit that we have heaped upon our heads and shoulders is what began to wake us from the illusion.  It should not be a surprise to any of us that greed eventually defeats its own purpose, but not before reducing everything around it to rubble.

Know this; during this process of “waking”, there will be a time fraught with danger for humans; the sheer numbers of us waking from the illusion will form a process of the waking and it is a function of that process that will be dangerous.  The process has already begun and the function of the process is all but upon us as well.  This function can be defined as the very difficult reconciliation (between the lie and the truth) that we must all calculate if we wish to keep our sanity and move forward.  Not everyone will be able to reconcile what we’ve done to so many generations, including our own.  The point where the reconciliation fails is the pivotal point; once the reconciliation fails, the individual will desperately attempt to re-enter the false reality in search of some closure, however at this point the mind is one clump short of an organic puree; no one can survive that alone.  Additionally, the attempt to re-enter the false reality will fail:  it is an established fact that no one can lie to themselves twice, the second attempt becomes an excuse for weakness, but that won’t stop a lot of us from attempting it.  The result of this function is that the individual concludes that it becomes imperative to take possession of valuables in order to accumulate “wealth” by any means necessary, in a frenzied attempt to satisfy that most powerful of beasts:  our ego.  Those who find themselves in this situation will realize, just a bit too late, that it didn’t work; the illusion’s ability to mimic reality diminishes exponentially as more and more of us wake up from it.  The weakened nature of the illusion which is wealth will be interpreted as scarcity of wealth by those still addicted and those who try to become addicts again, in vain.   Statements such as “there’s no money to be made” or “nobody has any money” are common right now.  The perception that wealth and money is in scarcity (which is a mathematically absurd concept) results in anxiety, depression and desperation; symptoms common to all addicts of all kinds.  In the world of substance or drug addiction this is known by various names, depending on the particular substance, among them:  jonesing, the jones, coming down or needing a fix.  It is incumbent upon all of us to remember that addiction is addiction, regardless of what one is addicted to.  All addictions are destructive, as their only purpose is to serve the function of their own perpetuation and as a result the human qualities known as reason and rationality are nullified.   As such, the fact that the overwhelming majority of humans are addicted to the accumulation or possession of wealth and money results in that their behavior impacts everyone, including those trying to rid themselves of this addiction.  This is why we are witnessing an alarming increase in acts of fraud, deception, robbery and theft, everywhere in the world.  This is no different from the crack addict offering oral sex for a dollar; however we will not make this relationship immediately due to the globe-encompassing spread of the addiction to wealth.  Actions which have always been considered reprehensible will suddenly be justifiable and unacceptable actions will be viewed as the only means to the end of equity.  This is, of course, a null calculation.

None of this is an opinion, nor is it prophecy, nor is it a prediction; it is simply the result of the math.  Regardless of how we feel about it, no one can argue with the math, we can only change it, if we choose to.  We are the authors of tomorrow’s story, whether we like it or not.  It matters not to the blank page that sits awaiting quill and human hand to make a work whole that we have become a planet of addicted, whiny, punk-ass little bitches; we will still have to write the story of our own tomorrow.

I may have written the formula for this math, but I am simply one of us, no more and no less.  I don’t accept this math and with all my heart I choose to try and CHANGE IT, so I write and share the math to that end.  I can not do anything alone; it is not up to me, it is up to us, so I write and share the math in a very direct attempt to not let the math encumber a different choice. Being a member of this human civilization and/or “society” at any level is a forced addictive state; one which requires a daily discipline to overcome.  Is it the least bit odd that we tend to dislike discipline, intensely?  Perhaps we can all take a lesson from those alcoholics who embrace a particular daily discipline.  They conclude that once a person becomes an alcoholic, they will always be an alcoholic, regardless of whether or not they drink.  They are aware that alcohol will always be there to tempt them and it is the exercising of their will which perseveres by allowing the person to CHOOSE NOT TO DRINK instead of drinking, or possibly worse; contemplating other cheap, cop-out and sissy options such as the elimination of all alcohol or legally forbidding its consumption, so as to not have to make any choices.  We’ve been there and done that, it was called the prohibition.  ‘Nuff said.

We can do better.

I love each and every one of the 7 Billion+ of us.

 Choose, don’t excuse.