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Quote of the day

“Woops, I did it again! 

Britney Spears

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I try my best to post things that are enriching or at least relevant.With the exception of my penchant for satire,I stay away from the absurd, the ridiculous and the irrelevant, which is why I don’t post any thing ideological regarding politics – it’s all three of those things. 

Having said that, I feel obligated to share this observation:  Donald Trump? Have so many people lost their freaking mind and their sense of reality? It’s not a political thing; he is CLOWN and a dangerous egomaniac. How can anyone openly say: “He’s a loud and incompetent fool – but he is the Republican candidate so we must support him, for the good of the party.”

Ideology over common sense is one of the classical symptoms of social decay and collapse.   


Be afraid, be very afraid. 

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As to reconciling death

For My Dad…Frank Vidal Sr.

At eleven o’clock, and in my usual way,
I headed to my room, as I do every day.
Then my Dad stopped by to say goodbye,
For the time had come; it was his turn to die.

Dad always said that most things were as simple as that and that all good things were simple things.  He nailed it. Goodbye, Pop, and rest easy. You will always be my hero and I will always strive to follow your example – that of a good and truthful man and a loving father; I can’t think of a higher goal to work for.

We can do better…..you did.

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I woke up this morning, fit and ready to enjoy,
With thirst, the sun, a smile and as always; full of joy.
I opened the window and outside, if you can believe it,
There was everything there is to see, except I couldn’t see it.

It wasn’t because of sickness that my eyes could not perceive,
It was out of fear and terror that my brain would not believe,
It would not accept, regardless of how much my eyes insisted,
That the world that was once upon a time, no longer existed.

In its place was a copy of what I thought was familiar to me,
So ugly and profane, my senses denied what it might just be.
It’s hard to imagine that no one noticed and those who did kept their silence just fine,
We had sold our humanity for money; even the sadness I felt wasn’t mine.

Everything that we have been, within and without
We gave away ‘cause we are lazy; of that there’s no doubt.
And it might just be that with irrelevance and fear –
The entire human race may simply disappear.

Yet I write this now before what’s done has yet cemented,
That which will cause us so much pain when it could have been prevented.
And suddenly I realize that what will be has not yet occurred,
That tomorrow hasn’t happened yet; it will be the result deed and word,

There is still time before we look beyond that window’s wood,
To see what there really is and not what we are told we should.
An perhaps we might just learn, without fear and without sorrow,
That what together all of us do right now, might just bear fruit tomorrow.

Frank Vidal, Jr.

May 2, 2013.

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There is no such thing as Age, there is only TIME, and what we choose to do with it.


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Expectations of the future

The only thing required of a person for any thought or deed is that it be true. That is the source of all possibilities. One starts by looking at themselves in a mirror and reconciling their truth. We are a genetic collective while being individual and autonomous beings. It is time to realize that we are all we have and that true power is what WE can do for US, not what I can do for me. We can do better, therefore we must do better. It just has to be true-believe it.

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Where did all the money go?

It looks like everyone is really feeling it now.

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An observation as to death

“I fear not death, nor the fact that it will, one day, visit me; but I cannot bear even the thought of not living.”


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I miss…

I miss…looking ahead to the future.

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