Welcome!  Every single one of  the more than 7 billion of us is always welcome here!

Sharing the Math began as a record and chronicle of observations and entries made to CTWFRANK’s Catalogue of Calculations with the objective of establishing a factual account of the events following the collapse of the last dynamic infrastructure in January of 2008.  Over the last 7 years, it has become something more; observations on human nature, language and humor were put on the menu.  By 2013, I thought that there was no math left to share as we moved into a phase called “peer polity”; one of the dynamic mechanisms that we use to re-build infrastructure and rules of behavior and stopped sharing the old math and began writing new math in a new blog “Dealing with the Paradox of a New World”.  That was only a partially good decision.  The old math did not end, it just changed and I didn’t realize it.  It was a bad choice; thank you so much for the many, many, many times all of you reminded me that it was a bad choice.  🙂  I was left humbled and inspired.  There is more old math to write, so come on in, let’s share it!  We CAN do better!


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